Monday, January 01, 2007

Tax Efficient Wills

Your will should be tax efficient, and it should also name an executer to ensure the application of the will is handled properly. Your will needs to have a few basic considerations and will need the supervision of an attorney to make it legit. A traditional will should only include the the items or high value or personal importance; things that are low valued or that can be considered petty should not be placed in the will.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Attornies and Wills

A person has the right to distribute their property to other persons of their choose without gaining permission from anyone; however to be for certain that their assests are dispursed accordingly they should d. You can modify your will as often as you like, but make sure it is finalized each time after you are finished making the changes.

Writing a will yourself may be easy, but it doesn't guarantee it will hold up in a court of law once you are gone from this earth. You can ensure yourself of not having an untimely demise by having your will in place as soon as you have any possessions or dependents to leave something of significance.